video by Ola Martin Fjeld

Timm Mason sits down with Samantha Fonteyne and talks about his upcoming CD and his feelings on Debacle.  He was awesome enough to do some live jams for her as well, so you get a nice preview of where his mind is at these days.

My new CD “The Lost Levels” is now available for preorder from Debacle records.

You may know Timm Mason from his work in psych overlords Midday Veil, disco strategists TJ Max or most notably his long running solo project Mood Organ. The Lost Levels is his first release under his own name, having decided to take Mood Organ into the direction of his recent “Missile Silo Disco” sets for MOTOR and forthcoming 12” EP. The Lost Levels could be seen as a sequel to his early release on Debacle Records Visiting a Burning Museum. Like that release The Lost Levels trades in slow moving and slightly tension filled drones. Unlike his previous release, the album feels much more diverse in sound sources and features almost a cut and paste style of composition that reminds me of a darker Sean McCann. There is a dramatic narrative tone here that is rare in most sound sculptures like these.

-Debacle Records

Cassette playlist:
Casket Sinkers – Plaster Caster
Witches (Zen Enthusia)
Demonologists – Sermons of Death and Eternal Damnation
Mood Organ – 8 Spades
Palmetto Moon Electronic Group – Restructures, one
Smegma – nous avons decide de ne pas aller a mexico
$.99 Dreams – Three Songs for Another Time
Harpoon Pole Vault – Foam
Christopher DeLaurenti – La Salle de Couture, Montreal
Nerve Net Noise – Magnetic
Omake & Johnson – Every Room Has a Grotto
Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock – hO1564359728Iiioi (s’Schlafliedli
William Bell & Tobe Hooper – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
White Boy Scream – Fringe
Omit – The 3rd Self – Less Reflection
Jeph Jerman – Arrastre 9

Thanks to Hollow Earth Radio & Kurt Alterity


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