Cassette playlist:
Casket Sinkers – Plaster Caster
Witches (Zen Enthusia)
Demonologists – Sermons of Death and Eternal Damnation
Mood Organ – 8 Spades
Palmetto Moon Electronic Group – Restructures, one
Smegma – nous avons decide de ne pas aller a mexico
$.99 Dreams – Three Songs for Another Time
Harpoon Pole Vault – Foam
Christopher DeLaurenti – La Salle de Couture, Montreal
Nerve Net Noise – Magnetic
Omake & Johnson – Every Room Has a Grotto
Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock – hO1564359728Iiioi (s’Schlafliedli
William Bell & Tobe Hooper – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
White Boy Scream – Fringe
Omit – The 3rd Self – Less Reflection
Jeph Jerman – Arrastre 9

Thanks to Hollow Earth Radio & Kurt Alterity


My music label MASTERS CHEMICAL SOCIETY just dropped 3 brand new cassettes by Matt Shoemaker, Christopher DeLaurenti & Nerve Net Noise

All releases are available from the new Bandcamp site.
You can follow MCS on Twitter.


“What we are witnessing is an industrialization of music which has already started, whether we like it or not. It already floods our ears in many public places, shops, radio, TV, and airlines, the world over. It permits a consumption of music on a fantastic scale, never before approached. But this music is of the lowest kind, made from a collection of outdated clichés from the dregs of the musical mind. Now it is not a matter of stopping this invasion, which, after all, increases participation in music, even if only passively. It is rather a question of effecting a qualitative conversion of this music by exercising a radical but constructive critique of our ways of thinking and of making music. Only in this way will the musician succeed in dominating and transforming this poison that is discharged into our ears, and only if he sets about it without further ado.”

Iannis Xenakis, 1967

TJ MAX is Jayson Kochan (Airport) & Timm Mason (Mood Organ)

now available from Debacle Records


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